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New Books for Nursing – Jan 2010

Avoiding common nursing errors  
Becoming a nurse educator : dialogue for an engaging career  
Fast facts for the ER nurse : emergency room orientation in nutshell  
Fat detection : taste, texture, and post ingestive effects  

Learning clinical reasoning  
Nursing research : methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice  
Assessment : an incredibly easy! pocket guide. 
Becoming a reflective practitioner  
Chemistry and physics for nurse anesthesia : a student centered approach  
Clinical nurse specialist handbook  
Critical thinking to achieve positive health outcomes : nursing case studies and analyses  
Essential calculation skills for nurses, midwives, and healthcare practititoners  
Glaserian grounded theory in nursing research : trusting emergence  
Lippincott’s nursing drug guide  
Narrative and stories in health care : illness, dying and bereavement  
Nurse’s personal preceptor. 
Official guide for foreign-educated nurses : what you need to know about nursing and health care in the United States  
Practice environment of nursing : issues & trends  
Professional issues in nursing : challenges & opportunities  
Research essentials : foundations for evidence-based practice  
Research for advanced practice nurses : from evidence to practice  
Sheehy’s emergency nursing : principles and practice  

New Books Received – April 09

  • 2009 Nurse’s Drug Handbook
  • Clinical supervision for nurses
  • Counseling individuals with life-threatening illness
  • Food and health in the new millennium : a concise guide to the role of nutrition in health and disease
  • Management and leadership for nurse administrators
  • Math for nurses : a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation
  • New leadership challenge : creating the future of nursing
  • Nurse to nurse.
  • Speaking of dying : a practical guide to using counselling skills in palliative care
  • Advanced practice nursing : an integrative approach
  • Building your nursing career : a guide for students
  • Buzzed : the straight facts about the most used and abused drugs from alcohol to ecstasy
  • Care managers : working with the aging family
  • Caring for patients from different cultures
  • Classroom skills for nurse educators
  • Clinical delegation skills : a handbook for professional practice
  • Clinical dietitian’s essential pocket guide
  • Clinical health psychology in medical settings : a practitioner’s guidebook
  • Dietary supplements
  • Emotional labour in health care : the unmanaged heart of nursing
  • Essential nursing skills
  • Evaluating research for evidence-based nursing practice
  • Fast facts for the clinical nursing instructor : clinical teaching in a nutshell
  • Future of the nursing workforce in the United States : data, trends, and implications
  • Getting the most from nursing school : a guide to becoming a nurse
  • Grant writing handbook for nurses
  • Handbook of informatics for nurses & healthcare professionals
  • Health promotion strategies through the life span
  • Hospice companion : best practices for interdisciplinary assessment and care of common problems during the last phase of life
  • Human centered nursing : the foundation of quality care
  • Intravenous medications : a handbook for nurses and other allied health personnel
  • Introduction to theory and reasoning in nursing
  • Lippincott’s nursing drug guide
  • Manual of school health : a handbook for school nurses, educators, and health professionals
  • Mastering the teaching role : a guide for nurse educators
  • Merck manual of patient symptoms : a concise, practical guide to etiology, evaluation, and treatment
  • Mosby’s drug guide for nurses
  • Muslim medical ethics : from theory to practice
  • Nurse’s drug handbook
  • Nurse’s handbook of I.V. drugs
  • Nurse’s handbook of behavioral and mental health drugs
  • Nurse’s quick check
  • Nurse’s rapid reference
  • Nurse’s survival guide to the ward
  • Nursing Education Challenges in the 21st Century
  • Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge
  • Nursing now! : today’s issues, tomorrow’s trends
  • Nursing research : designs and methods
  • Nursing spectrum drug handbook 2009
  • Pediatric nursing care plans for the hospitalized child
  • Perspectives on nursing theory
  • Pocket guide to nutritional assessment and care
  • Psychosocial issues in palliative care
  • Real stories of nursing research : the quest for Magnet recognition
  • Reflective practice in nursing
  • Roy adaptation model
  • Royal Marsden Hospital manual of clinical nursing procedures
  • Teaching in nursing : a guide for faculty
  • Trauma nursing : from resuscitation through rehabilitation
  • Trusting doctors : the decline of moral authority in American medicine
  • Watson’s clinical nursing pocket book
  • What is special about the human brain?

Nursing Books Received – Oct 08

  • Pediatric nursing : scope and standards of practice
  • 5-minute obstetrics and gynecology consult
  • Advancing your career : concepts of professional nursing
  • Assisted suicide and euthanasia : a natural law ethics approach
  • Clinical assessment and monitoring in children
  • Clinical dietitian’s essential pocket guide
  • Communication and education skills for dietetics professionals
  • Davis’s drug guide for nurses
  • Easeful death : is there a case for assisted dying?
  • Guide to nursing management and leadership
  • Inherited metabolic diseases : a guide to 100 conditions
  • Medical-surgical nursing : clinical management for positive outcomes
  • Nurse’s drug handbook.
  • Nurse’s rapid reference.
  • Nursing : the philosophy and science of caring
  • Nursing know-how.
  • Nursing models, theories and practice
  • Public health nursing : leadership, policy, & practice
  • SMART way : an introduction to writing for nurses
  • Vaccine : the controversial story of medicine’s greatest lifesaver
  • Reproduction, childbearing and motherhood : a cross-cultural perspective
  • Clinical calculations : with applications to general and specialty areas
  • Communication as comfort : multiple voices in palliative care
  • Middle range theories : application to nursing research
  • Nurse executive : the four principles of management
  • Nurse’s quick check.
  • Pediatric nursing : scope and standards of practice
  • Safety in numbers : nurse-to-patient ratios and the future of health care
  • Values in medicine : what are we really doing to patients?
  • How to write a guideline from start to finish : a handbook for healthcare professionals
  • International practice development in nursing and healthcare
  • Just the facts : a pocket guide to basic nursing
  • Key concepts in nursing
  • Lippincott’s nursing procedures.
  • Making room in the clinic : nurse practitioners and the evolution of modern health care
  • New Books for Nursing in May 08

    • Advancing health literacy : a framework for understanding and action 
    • Birth : the surprising history of how we are born 
    • Creative nursing leadership & management 
    • Decision making in medicine and health care 
    • Embracing our mortality : hard choices in an age of medical miracles 
    • Ethical choices in contemporary medicine : integrative bioethics 
    • Ethical decision making in nursing and health care : the symphonological approach 
    • Evidence-based nursing : the research-practice connection 
    • Fundamentals of brain development : integrating nature and nurture 
    • Practical guide to the care of the gynecologicobstetric patient 
    • Psychological Dieter It’s Not All About the Calories
    • Sacred covenant : the spiritual ministry of nursing 
    • Sanctity of human life 
    • Vegetables and fruits : nutritional and therapeutic values 
    • Vulnerable older adults : health care needs and interventions 
    • When illness goes public : celebrity patients and how we look at medicine 
    • Your inner fish : a journey into the 3.5-billion-year history of the human body 

    New Books for Nursing in March 08

    These books are now available on shelf in the Library.

    • Encyclopedia of nursing research 
    • Magill’s medical guide
    • Nurse’s 3-minute clinical reference
    • Resumes for nursing careers 
    • Teaching strategies for nurse educators
    • Client teaching guides for home health care 
    • Concept mapping : a critical-thinking approach to care planning 
    • Emergency nursing core curriculum 
    • Evidence-based Nursing Care Guidelines Medical-surgical Interventions.
    • Evidence-based practice for nurses : appraisal and application of research 
    • Guidelines for nurse practitioners in gynecologic settings 
    • Integrated theory and knowledge development in nursing 
    • Nurse’s toolbook for promoting wellness 
    • Nursing diagnosis reference manual 
    • Nursing ethics : across the curriculum and into practice 
    • Nursing interventions classification (NIC) 
    • Nursing outcomes classification (NOC) 
    • Practice guidelines for acute care nurse practitioners 
    • Priorities in critical care nursing 
    • Public health nursing : population-centered health care in the community 
    • Qualitative research proposals and reports : a guide 
    • Transcultural nursing : assessment and intervention 
    • Visual nursing : a guide to diseases, skills, and treatments.
    • Wong’s clinical manual of pediatric nursing.
    • Acute and critical care clinical nurse specialists : synergy for best practices 
    • Applied mathematics for database professionals 
    • Basic concepts of psychiatric-mental health nursing 
    • Body of work : meditations on mortality from the human anatomy lab 
    • Clinical skills manual for pediatric nursing : caring for children 
    • Davis’s guide to clinical nursing skills 
    • Deciphering diagnostic tests.
    • Interpreting signs & symptoms.
    • Lippincott’s nursing drug guide 
    • Nurse’s drug handbook 2007 
    • Nursing and the privilege of prescription, 1893-2000 
    • Nursing research : generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice 
    • Nursing spectrum drug handbook.
    • Perfecting clinical procedures.
    • Treatments : language, politics, and the culture of illness 
    • UCL Hospitals injectable medicines administration guide 
    • Advancing practice in rehabilitation nursing