Month: September 2008

New Books for Nursing in May 08

  • Advancing health literacy : a framework for understanding and action 
  • Birth : the surprising history of how we are born 
  • Creative nursing leadership & management 
  • Decision making in medicine and health care 
  • Embracing our mortality : hard choices in an age of medical miracles 
  • Ethical choices in contemporary medicine : integrative bioethics 
  • Ethical decision making in nursing and health care : the symphonological approach 
  • Evidence-based nursing : the research-practice connection 
  • Fundamentals of brain development : integrating nature and nurture 
  • Practical guide to the care of the gynecologicobstetric patient 
  • Psychological Dieter It’s Not All About the Calories
  • Sacred covenant : the spiritual ministry of nursing 
  • Sanctity of human life 
  • Vegetables and fruits : nutritional and therapeutic values 
  • Vulnerable older adults : health care needs and interventions 
  • When illness goes public : celebrity patients and how we look at medicine 
  • Your inner fish : a journey into the 3.5-billion-year history of the human body