New Books for Nursing in March 08

These books are now available on shelf in the Library.

  • Encyclopedia of nursing research 
  • Magill’s medical guide
  • Nurse’s 3-minute clinical reference
  • Resumes for nursing careers 
  • Teaching strategies for nurse educators
  • Client teaching guides for home health care 
  • Concept mapping : a critical-thinking approach to care planning 
  • Emergency nursing core curriculum 
  • Evidence-based Nursing Care Guidelines Medical-surgical Interventions.
  • Evidence-based practice for nurses : appraisal and application of research 
  • Guidelines for nurse practitioners in gynecologic settings 
  • Integrated theory and knowledge development in nursing 
  • Nurse’s toolbook for promoting wellness 
  • Nursing diagnosis reference manual 
  • Nursing ethics : across the curriculum and into practice 
  • Nursing interventions classification (NIC) 
  • Nursing outcomes classification (NOC) 
  • Practice guidelines for acute care nurse practitioners 
  • Priorities in critical care nursing 
  • Public health nursing : population-centered health care in the community 
  • Qualitative research proposals and reports : a guide 
  • Transcultural nursing : assessment and intervention 
  • Visual nursing : a guide to diseases, skills, and treatments.
  • Wong’s clinical manual of pediatric nursing.
  • Acute and critical care clinical nurse specialists : synergy for best practices 
  • Applied mathematics for database professionals 
  • Basic concepts of psychiatric-mental health nursing 
  • Body of work : meditations on mortality from the human anatomy lab 
  • Clinical skills manual for pediatric nursing : caring for children 
  • Davis’s guide to clinical nursing skills 
  • Deciphering diagnostic tests.
  • Interpreting signs & symptoms.
  • Lippincott’s nursing drug guide 
  • Nurse’s drug handbook 2007 
  • Nursing and the privilege of prescription, 1893-2000 
  • Nursing research : generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice 
  • Nursing spectrum drug handbook.
  • Perfecting clinical procedures.
  • Treatments : language, politics, and the culture of illness 
  • UCL Hospitals injectable medicines administration guide 
  • Advancing practice in rehabilitation nursing 

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